Why it takes time to Add Revision Tag and Comp/Sync?


Hi everybody,


Comparing to the last project,

it takes long time to Add Revision Tag and Comp/Sync even though there has been little structural change.


Anyone knows what the major factors could be?

Is there anything related to data size? (but list size is small in development model)


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  • M.Kierepka



    The time to create and compare  Revision Tags shouldn't be dependent on the data - only on the structure. So even if your change was small, but your model is complicated/big in the terms of structure, these times will be significantly longer.


    Side note: syncing and rolling back time grows also with the size of the data, as after these actions model have to be reopened.


  • Hi @CeciliaRen 


    Though there is a small structural change Revision Tag must check all the changes in Entire Model . 

    That is the reason why it takes some time to create and not always . 

    Comp/Sync again the whole model is compared with the Dev one and with the Revision Tag . So usually Sync will take some time to indulge the new changes . 



    Puneeth HP

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  • check all the changes in Entire Model
    check all the histories?

    I think number of history is not very much at first, but still have to wait for a minute.
    Does it check data change also?

    Thank you

  • @CeciliaRen 

    Data change It won't do while Revision Tag . 

    While Sync as @M.Kierepka  mentioned to load back the model with the latest Sync changes and change in data and to compare the new changes it will take some time during Sync . 

    For Revision Tag it must be created with all the changes done after the last Revision Tag . So it will take some minimal time to to create .



    Puneeth HP

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • hi~
    How can I evaluate whether my model is complicated/big in the terms of structure easily?
    We have less modules this time. Perhaps more complicated?
  • Well, it's not so easy, as Anaplan's backend/engine structure is not so straightforward. I think you can buy model analysis from Anaplan (they will check your model and give you lots of data like performance of the modules, actons and how to improve it, which generally helps you to optimize both size and performance of the model). But generally, model is complicated if you are using many dimensions in different sets, line item subsets and so on.

  • Hi,

    Some Models are big in size because of huge data . 

    We can get to now by Flow Diagram and we can guess that the model is big or not . 

    How many lists it contains and Data modules , Driver Modules and Output modules . subsets and some formula complications and not according to PLANS standard ,  All these will be impacted to Model Performance . 

    Model structure you can get to know in Model Map (Flow Diagram of the Model ) .

    And also you can get to know all these things by Model Analysis . 



    Puneeth HP 

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • @M.Kierepka @Puneeth H P 


    hi two,

    Additional information.

    We just found that we had some big list with Production Data not checked.

    After deleting/checked Production Data, it totally costs no time now!


    Structural data list was the key point.

    Thank you very much!