Models topology- visual version

The idea is to implement a visual model's topology map. The initial idea is to build it like the module map available in the model that shows all module dependencies, but for models.


Currently there is a possibility to find information about ALM models that are synced with another on the revision list and on the source model list. The ability to see it for all models in one place and in the less textual way would be a great addtion for those who manage multiple models/workspaces/ALMs


Please share your thoughts about that and kudo it if you feel it useful

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  • HI @Damian_Broj .  I have had multiple conversations with companies eager for such a cross model/workspace map.  With the ongoing intent to increase the value of the Anaplan solutions by building and connection additional plans/models, they crave/require better visibility concerning

    • Interrelationships between models,
    • Integrations between the models, which will have multiple benefits, including ease of debugging issues  
    • Solution dependencies between modules or workspaces….  so that if there is a change to one formula/line item, be able to see the impact (upstream/downstream)

    All of that will be fundamental to the connected planning and growth of the solution.

  • Would love to see this feature implemented

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