Ability to Roll Back All or Selective Data Changes in Deployed model


Description : The ability to roll back only Data in Deployed model rather than Structural changes will reduce the rework involved in rebuild which currently has to be done if the model is rolled back to resolve any data issues since the rollback also rolls back structural changes.

This functionality can be provided to administrators who can select a module or list and roll back the data in the module / list to the point where last structural change was made on that module or list.   



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  • @dhruv411 

    If you leave the model in deployed mode, you can restore back to the point of the last sync and it will only rollback the data

    The last sync point is clearly identified in the history


  • @DavidSmith 

    Thanks for your feedback. I understand that we can restore to any point back in the history however it restores both Data and Structure. It would be great to see a feature which will allow to selectively roll back/restore only Data Changes and not structural changes  (I understand that due to interdependencies / cross references it is challenging). See the screenshot below: It would be great to roll back just the highlighted Data Change lines (in Yellow) irrespective of Revision Sync and without  losing the Structural Changes done after that data change.






  • Hi - I take your point,  but just to be clear, if the model remains in Deployed mode, you would not be able to create the structural changes in rows 2-18 - It is not possible!

    And if you are developing in a Dev model, the data changes would not be relevant to the production models



  • Yes. The screenshot was an example to show the need of selecting some data changes which we might want to roll back rather than going back sequentially. I agree that in Deployed mode the history will not appear as reflected in example screenshot. But generally speaking, ability to selectively roll back data changes only (if possible ) in Non Deployed or Deployed model will be quite helpful 🙂





  • Stan
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