Completing the sync would cause your workspace to exceed its size


Hello Community, 


We've just identified this error while migrating to ALM one of our Models. This is the second one we are trying to deploy. The approach we've taken is to have One production model + One Dev + One Test Model (DEV and Test both in the same workspace).


Model that is failing has 66.5 GB size from a total of 130 in the WS (WS for dev and test will have a smaller size, but its a separate discussion), as below error is generated while running "Create Model from revision tag" in the 130 GB WS - just to see how big the DEV model will be. 


First one that we deployed it's even bigger (70GB from a total of 130), it's true that has much more production lists and its DEV is only 14 GB, but still cannot understand the logic why the other one is failing. 



Appreciate all your thoughts. 


  • @Alexandru.Rosca Could you please help me provide with the details of the Models which are active in the WS with 130 GB of size limit?


    The reason I am asking this is that the error message says that your workspace size is "94.61" GB and your current model is size is "28.05" GB. 


    Also it would be interesting to know how your existing model size of ~28 GB would become ~66 GB. Are you creating new modules with multiple lists in Applies To? 




  • JLD

    Hi @Alexandru.Rosca ,

    Agree with @ashish.banka, we can start on investigating how the existing model would become 66GB just by using the "create model from revision tag" function. It should just copy the structural data and no production data. So we expect that it would be smaller in size. 

    Does the existing model already tagged as "Deployed" before duplicating it? 

    Hope these questions would help lead you into the root cause.



  • Hi Guys, thank you both, but I believe I see what seem to be the problem. I only have one Model in that WS, this having 65 GB. The error message is misleading, as I would think the new model size is 28 GB (after I press create from revision tag), but not the case. 


    I managed to define a few other production lists, just to reduce the size of the dev model and finally I could create the model from revision tag. My issues is that I have so little production data, therefore making my dev model just about same size. Still don't understand why error was pointing to a 28 gb size.