Unable to use Anaplan Add-On for Google Sheets


We are unable to use Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets at our company (but we have been eagerly waiting for it as will be really useful for us) due to the following reasons: 
1. It looks like it will not work with Classic SSO. We are not sure we have in-house knowledge to switch to & maintain Self-Service SAML.
2. Even if we do, since this change requires to use a different URL, we are very concerned about confusion it will create to users as all our emails to them over the last few years included the the Classic SSO URL for Anaplan.
Due to the above reasons, want to know:

1. If there is a workaround for this?

2. If Anaplan has any plan to offer support for Google Sheets Add-on for Classic SSO users like us and if so what is the timeframe? 

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  • MagaliP
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    Thank you very much for your message. You are right that you need to be using self-service saml, because the Google Sheets Add-on doesn't support classic SSO.


    1. The only workaround is to make yourself an exception user (untick the SSO box) and use the add-on by signing in with your username and password.

    2. We have no plans to support classic SSO because all customers will be migrated to self-service saml over the coming months.


    To answer further your concerns about maintenance and use internally, we have documentation for self-service saml. Once done, the URL only has to be entered once is the add-on, so hopefully you could let your users know about the change once.


    Should you have further questions about the change the self-service saml, including timelines, please contact your Business Partner.