How to delete the account?


Caught up in all the hype around the growing possibilities around the software suite I thought o trying it out. The way this could help a learner like me was to dive deep into the certification path and start making a model for the union candy company, lol. I did understand what was required of me before making such a model but the credential requirments stumped me and I had to ask my sister for the same, to find out it's not accessibel for everyone. A fairly technical job seeker was taken a little aback and thought I'd delete my account. Afterall it's the decent thing to do, always. Turns out, I can't get to the settings! Is there an auto deletion setting internally, maybe. I'll leave now. Thought, i'll write about it, the next best thing. 

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  • Although a bit late I have started my journey and about to complete my Level 1 Model Builder Certification too. Thanks @JaredDolich very much. 😁😀