ALM : How to not include time settings in migration




Please help how can I remove the time settings when i migrate our Dev model to Prod model.


See below preview where time is included in the migration from the source model.




Thanks in advance for any help.





  • The time settings are considered structural to the model (except now current time) meaning that these components will always be a part of the revision tag. This is to make sure that your dev and prod sync up.


    A way I've done in the past two have them be different is to set the time in dev to what you expect it to be in prod as the last step before a revision tag. Then, push the revision tag and change dev back to the time settings I wanted to dev. This obviously includes extra steps in the cutover and potential issues with test data in dev but can be used as a workaround.


    Hope that helps!

  • @tompatrick.ting I agree with @TrentB . If you are using ALM, time setting would be migrated from DEV to PROD via Revision tag. 


    I guess, we should include the request in Idea Exchange to exclude Time Settings from ALM. This would provide more flexibility while in development mode.