Ability to change color of the BLUE Anaplan banner in order to quickly differentiate between models


A helpful enhancement in future roll outs would be the ability to change the blue Anaplan banner to that of a color chosen by the Administrator.  This will allow for quick user differentiation between Training and Production models they have access to.

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  • AmyT

    I agree with this! My team ran into an issue (Dev/Prod mixup) this week and having ability to change the color of the blue Anaplan banner may have avoided it. This enhancement would be so helpful!! 😁

  • vanreign
    edited July 2023

    This is an interesting topic. Many or most clients have identifiable colors in their logo. I recall a client that was opposed to blue, as that was a competitor's color. So the ability to customize that color has been a popular front-end topic as well.

  • I have just ran into an issue and while reading I cam across this topic. We definitely want to have this feature deployed. We are busy working on branding our models, pages and reports in UX, but we can't possibly change the colour of the blue Anaplan banner to our own corporate colour.

    Is there any timeline when this will be available?

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