How to Edit Status setting in Informatica cloud under Monitor tab


My teammate can see a resume option when she hovers over the status under all jobs in the Informatica cloud. I don't want to restart my job but unfortunately, I cannot see that option.


  • @Priyankakota159 

    One idea that might work is to clear your cache or try another web browser. Sometimes incognito mode with chrome will work too. 

    Adding data integration pro @DaanishSoomar - he may have an idea or two as well.

  • Thanks @JaredDolich


    Hi @Priyankakota159


    Hmmm, interesting situation. I have a few questions:


    1. Is your current process or job stuck?

    2. Are you able to elaborate more on what you are trying to do and provide more specific details?

    3. Also, are you able to provide screenshots of your setup? And screenshot of your teammates setup? It will help troubleshooting easier, if we are able to see more details. 

    4. Do you have someone on the team that can help verify if your action runs manually through Anaplan utilizing the back end model interface? 


    Emailing may be a good starting point. They have a playbook which can help narrow down the issue. They also have an Informatica Cloud expert on the Support team who works on Informatica cases. They may be able to either solve the issue for you or point you to Informatica Cloud Support.