ALM and History changes

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ALM and History changes

I accidentally make an error and realize it instantly.

So alter it back to the previous one.

My history gets saved.


Now I archive the model and later change it to standard one.


Will Tenant Admin still be able to pull the history?

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Re: ALM and History changes

Tenant Admin has only access to check the models inside the workspace, respective status, and users.


Tenant Admin will not be able to pull the history of the model.

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Re: ALM and History changes


Tenant Admin won't be able to pull the history...

You have to contact Anaplan Support to pull the history...



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Re: ALM and History changes



Kinda confused here. If you got the model out of archived mode you yourself as a workspace admin can take the dump of history. Anaplan creates ID even for Mode changes - it doesn't delete the History IDs if you archive the model


Tenant admin can't help you in such case


Hope that helps