Evolve your Anaplan ecosystem with enterprise governance

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In this article, you'll find resources to support evolving your Anaplan ecosystem with enterprise governance. This broad topic was covered in depth during Anaplan Live! 2022 — including focused discussion on Centers of Excellence; model governance; workspace architecture; data hubs and data integration; build and maintenance process governance; and user security. 

Refer to the attached presentations (see Attachments on the right-hand side) to learn more about how enterprise governance can benefit your organization. Then, check out the recommended resources below by topic.   

Center of Excellence

Model Governance

Workspace Architecture

Data Hubs

Data Integration

Build & Manage


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For those who participated in these sessions at Anaplan Live! 2022, I'm including additional resources links in the below comments based on questions that were asked.

We received a number of questions about the Audit capabilities. Notably, here is a list of user activity events tracked by the Audit API: https://help.anaplan.com/ef0ac1f3-fd1d-4dc2-a205-2ae4f5b22a7d-Tracked-user-activity-events


When we discussed ALM, someone shared a caution around deploying from DEV to PROD and finding that a lot of the production data and user attributes were not migration. Here is a relevant excerpt from our documentation on Model Data:


Production data is operational data that changes often during day-to-day business operations, including:

  • Values of cells in modules
  • The contents of production lists and the values of any associated properties
  • The configuration of imports and import data source (IDS) definitions marked as production data
  • Production users
  • Workflow states

Structural Information Reference provides a complete list of a model's structural information, and any exceptions treated as production data.


Someone had a product capability question around showing which actions are currently being used on NUX pages. This is being tracked by the below Idea on our Idea Exchange. Please give it a kudo and subscribe if you are interested!



We talked briefly in the AM session about having a checklist for a model release to make sure some of the areas and access controls are ready for deployment. In addition to The Anaplan Way Guide (linked above), here are a couple additional resources on the topic:

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