Schedule "Copy & Archive" - Backup Model

Schedule "Copy & Archive" - Backup Model

As a customer, we would like to schedule "Copy & Archive" action to records Back-up of models. Preferably with a direct and easy way : for example in the manage model menu.


This is relevant for customers with more than 5 models to improve security and avoid manual actions (Manuel Copy & Archive). The Archive Name could have the timestamp.


There seem to be several other posts with a similar request going back over a year....some Under Investigation and some still Needing Community support.  Seems like this is widely desired - can these items be linked to show the Community requests and support is there and push forward to implement a solution?

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It would be very useful especially there is not a work-around (at least to my knowledge) to schedule this using "REST API"  or Anaplan connect scripts. 

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This is very similar to


Please kudo both so it gets the proper support. 


To Community admins - can we consolidate these enhancements? 

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We need to automate the "Admin" tasks and "copy and archive" is one of the task we would like to automate . 

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This would be very beneficial and would cut down on manual tasks we have to do as our platform continues to expand! I would add that any automated backup/archive should be produced with a consistent naming convention and date/timestamp. One example may look like "ABAK [10 char. name of workspace]-[10 char. name of model]-[date/time]".


This functionality would be a great addition. Hopefully this can be added to the roadmap as soon as possible.

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We have the same requirement and this could simply be scheduled avoiding manual repetitive activities

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Exactly, a solution where the model automatically gets Copied and Archieved every day/ week/ month or as per users need, will be highliy appreciated. 🙂

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This would be very helpful!