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As an external Anaplan partner, we get regularly the question to look into the performance and structure of customer models to assess the health of a model and to find opportunities for improvements. I built for this a model that allows me to upload f.e. line items and gives direct insights on key areas like size, usage of dimensions, time ranges etc. There are already some ideas regarding this in the idea exchange and I know that some of it is also included in the Hypercare model. Yet I thought it would be very helpful if such key metrics are collected together in a dashboard.


As an Anaplan Solution Architect / Master Anaplanner, I want to have a "model health" dashboard with key metrics on the model to quickly assess the status, performance, size and usage of a model. Detailed features could be:

  • General model size development over time -> Idea 
  • Line item size in bytes / cells ->  Idea 
  • Ranking / Filtering of line items based on certain properties (see screenshot)
  • Highlighter for specific formula combinations known to have bad performance (SUM-LOOKUP)
  • Calculation times for each line item -> Idea 
  • Model usage analysis -> Idea 

Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 13.33.41.png


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  • It would be really cool to have it all in one place. It will also simplify the code review for novice model builders. Often there is no way to check after each block, and due to lack of knowledge, they can lay non-optimal combinations / solutions.

  • Another vote for this functionality, extremely useful!

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