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Hello Anaplan Community,


I've made changes to a cell in the DEV model, and I'm trying to sync those changes from DEV to Debug. When I attempt to do so, I receive the following error (see attachment) and it doesn't sync that change.


Has anyone experience this before and have any possible solutions?

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  • @wbroughton 

    Few Questions?

    Was it the structural change or just a change in the numbers within a cell? If it was the structural change, what was the formula like - can you share the formula and the dimensionality of it?

    Did you create new Revision Tag in Dev Model?


    Once we have more info, we will be able to give our input on this one



    Miz Logix



  • @Misbah It was just a number change in a cell. When trying to create a new revision tag, the option wasn't available in either DEV or Debug model. So from there, I'm trying to figure out if there is another way to sync between the two models

  • @wbroughton 


    You can not push the numbers from Dev to Prod as It is not considered to be a structural change. If  you want to change the data within a cell of a Production model you can directly go to Production model and make the change.



    Miz Logix

  • @Misbah Ok so for clarity, if it's a single number change it's best to update that cell in PROD because if it's not a structural change in DEV, it won't be able to sync to DEV or Debug model. Is that correct?

  • @Misbah Thanks for your help!