User account may be locked in Anaplan


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I have a few users that are receiving an error message of "The email and password combination is incorrect. After 5 unsuccessful attempts, your account may be locked."


It appears that they cannot choose the "reset your password here" option. If they choose the "Forgot Password" option and that doesn't work, would the next step be to contact Anaplan Support to reset from their end? Please see attached screenshot for reference.

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  • jagadishdash


    If you didn't attempt more than 5 times go for the  Forget Password to reset your password. 

    If you attempted more no. of time, Go for Unlock the account, then you'll receive mail and can reset.

    Still you are unable to get, send a mail to anaplan support. They'll help you.


    Hope it helps.




    Jagadish dash 

  • wbroughton_*95591
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    Thanks for your help!