ALM with Select Function


I know that the ALM has draw Back of Selcect Function.BUt, I want to understand why the Select Function Is DRaw Back and why Can we use the Select Fucntions in Production lists


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    edited December 2022

    Hi @143kishornaidu ,


    In production list you can use SELECT on top level summary. If you need to get values from other levels you need to built the functionality with lookup instead. This is caused by the fact that on Production lists you might not have same list members in different environments so the system restricts you from using selects on these lists.


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  • Hi @143kishornaidu 


    Actually in ALM , we cant use SELECT for items marked as production data , it is because we are making them as production data means that the items in that list are to be updated in the production model , if we use select at a production list item marked in dev  , anaplan wont allow it as it not sure whether the same item is in production model or not as the list items are editable , hence there is a restriction on select at list item in ALM marked as production list , so to use that we use lookup table and use list formatted line item pointing to that list to refer value in production model