Embracing the journey: reflecting on 2023, anticipating 2024


I was recently reading a LinkedIn News article, 34 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2024, and one quote from it made me laugh — “Humans just aren’t very good at predicting” by Freakonomics Radio host Stephen Dubner. While this normally may be true, my first thought was, “I can — with 100% certainty — predict that the Anaplan Community will continue to show up in 2024 in the way they have in the past.”

As I write this recap of 2023, and look forward to what 2024 will bring, the underlying theme is that this Community can always be counted on to help others, and each person is dedicated to making themselves a better version of themselves. The knowledge-sharing, thought-leadership, and problem-solving we see daily is something I know will continue in 2024!

To kick off this recap, I asked a few internal Anaplan folks (names you may recognize!) to share their highlights from this year. Take a look:

Thank you to @EricS @becky.leung @DennisL @JamiesonC @KasG @StaceyBrooks @rob_marshall @R_Goza and @QuinE for taking time to share!

Now let’s get to our popular content from 2023.

Top-viewed 2023 articles* authored by Community members

Top-viewed 2023 articles* authored by Anaplan (internal) experts

Other notable highlights

  • Over 1,500 questions were asked in the Community Forums, and over 5,150 answers were received – WOW!
  • We introduced Journey | an Anaplan Community podcast, and in our nine episodes featured a variety of talent in the ecosystem.
  • Thirteen new ‘How I Built It’ tutorials were sent in this year by our creative and smart Master Anaplanners! And spoiler alert: we have five more already in production!
  • There were over 450 new ideas added to our Community Idea Exchange! In 2024, we will begin to highlight those ideas, and which ones are becoming a reality.
  • We highlighted nine exceptional Community members in our spotlight series!

“Our Community is only as good as the members that we have, and I like to think that we have some of the best Community members possible.”

– Dennis Lemoine, Anaplan’s Director of Customer Engagement & Experience (quote from the video above)

There isn’t a big enough THANK YOU that the Anaplan Community team can convey — but please know how much we value the time and energy you devote to helping others and educating yourself on best practices and Anaplan news. 2024 will no-doubt be even better!


*Data collected January 1 – December 4, 2023. Articles published early in the year had a slight advantage!


  • Another incredible year for the Anaplan Community! Can't wait for 2024!

  • Truly honored to be part of this awesome community! Thank you so much Quin for the shout-out, it means a lot :)

    Looking forward to 2024!!

  • Glad that to be part of it. And hey our work up there :) Feels great!

  • jziemer

    Thank you all for all of the learning you have provided to me and others this past year. Great Team!