Ideas into Action: Looking Back at Popular Idea Exchange Submissions


idea2.jpgSince the launch of the Community Idea Exchange last fall, we've been overwhelmed by the response from the Anaplan Community, who have so far sent hundreds of suggestions on how to enhance the Anaplan platform experience, Community, Academy, and so much more! As many of you know, the Idea Exchange is an open forum where you can suggest and vote on ideas to improve your Anaplan experience. Not sure where to begin? Start by searching through previously-submitted ideas to get a sense of what improvements your fellow Anaplanners are looking for.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most popular ideas that have been implemented so far and those that are currently on the roadmap to implementation!


Community should have forums centralized
This Community member requested the ability to access all forums in a single location with topic labels serving as a filter. This experience can be found in the Platform > Forums section of Community.
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Don't change tab colour when refreshing the view in the Excel Add-in
This Community member requested that when refreshing report views the tab color remain the same. Learn more about the Excel Add-in in the Excel Add-in version 3.0 Anapedia article. 
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Save to master dashboard when in run time mode
A Community member requested the ability to save to a master dashboard in run time mode without having all previous edits reset after saving. Learn more about how to save your dashboards in the Save Changes to a Dashboard Anapedia article. 
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On the Roadmap
Alert model builders of incorrect formulas/references prior to testing
A Community member has requested to have an alert when typing a formula (based on line item formatting, module structure, etc.) that helps rewrite or reconsider the final formula before applying it within a model. As of publishing, this idea has received 102 Kudos!
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Add conditional formatting on multiple line items at once
Almost 90 Community members are supporting the idea of the ability to add conditional formatting on more than one line item at a time in order to save time by not having to format line by line.
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'Freeze panes' functionality when scrolling in a module within a dashboard
Nearly 80 Community members would like the ability to freeze the rows or columns when scrolling within a module that has been published to a dashboard, so as not to lose their spot when scrolling.
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Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite ideas have been and make sure to head over to the Idea Exchange to submit your own!