Can I select a Parent within the same list and also another list?


I want to be able to select the parent from the same list and also another list, is there a way to do this? 


I am creating a Chart of Account, so there are certain account in the same list that I want to group it under.




   1000 -- General Stuff

     1001 -- General admin stuff

     1002 -- General Sales stuff


In this situation, I want 1001, and 1002 to have 1000 as the parent list.


However, I want 1000 to have General Liability as the parent from another list.


I know I can just throw it all in the same list and call it a day, but I want to be able to breakdown the hierarchy.




  COA L1 -- General Liability, General, Asset, etc

  COA L2 -- 1001, 1002, 1003, etc


My chart of account is far more complicated than this but I want to know if there a way to have parent from other list and the same list. I included a screenshot to show my chart of account.




  • Hi

    I'm not sure I understand fully what you are asking but 


    A list can be multiple parents of different child lists


    e.g. a Country list can be the parent of City and the parent of a separate list called Territories


    However, you cannot then have both of those lists in a module (if you were thinking about that)


    I hope that helps clarify the situation,  If not, please could you shed more light on specifically what you are trying to achieve



  • kdoan



    Sorry for the confusing wording. Basically, I have 2 list. Lets call it territory. Inside the list 1 I have Asia, Africa, America, etc.,

    In list 2 - I have CA, NY, Japan, China, San Francisco, NYC, Tokyo, Hokaido, Shanghai, etc.


    In these two list, I want to structure it like this.


    List 1 -- Asia, America, Africa, Europe


    List 2


    Japan  --- (Parent: Asia)

       Tokyo -- (Parent: Japan)

        Hokaido -- (Parent:Japan)


    CA -- (Parent: America)

       San Francisco -- (Parent: CA)

       Los Angeles -- (Parent: CA)



    I hope this help. 

  • What you are describing looks like what we call a "Composite" or "Balanced" hierarchy


    G1 Region

    G2 Country

    G3 City


    So you could definitely set up the list that way.


    However, you mention the second list which would be made up of G2 and G3

    You can maintain that list as a flat list and associate each member with the relevant G2 or G3 member by having a line item formatted as G2 and G3 respectively.  If you use the same code for the member of G2, G3 and the flat L2 list the association is easy and can be managed with a FINDITEM formula


    Alternatively, you can create a module dimensioned by G2 and have a line item formatted as the flat L2 list.  And do the same for G3, again using FINDITEM to map the list members together


    That way you can then use SUM or LOOKUP to transform and /or aggregate data between the structures


    How you structure the lists will depend on the logic and calculations you need, but the thing to bear in mind, is that Anaplan does not need to have hierarchies for everything and doesn't need hierarchies to aggregate data - we can use SUM on formatted line items to achieve the same result


    I hope that helps clarify things