How do I sum across dimensions other than time?




Can't see how this was done in the allocations video. I have a list for products, and a line item for sales. I want to introduce a line item that returns the total sales for all products against every product. Beyond allocation use, is there a way to introduce a line item that returns the value at the next level up a multi-level hierarchy? - Assume we have a three level product hierarchy: Product>Product Group>Total Products. Such a function would enable me to return the % contribution that each Product contributes to its Product Group, and the contribution that each Product Group contributes to Total Products. bsod





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    We can get the %contribution at different levels. Please see the screenshot. Try this

    Hierarchy I have : Product L1->Product L2->Product L3



    if you want a line item that returns the value at the next level up a multi-level hierarchy(Example Product L2), 



    I think this will clear your doubts,



    Vignesh M

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    Vignesh got it almost right, from your question i understand you need a product group rollup into total products. You could have a module by product group and calculate the % contribution.image.png

    Note: I was quick and dirty to use a select, but you cannot use select on a production list. You need to change it accordingly, one way is as below,








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