If I don't mark a list as Production List, what will happen? Since I don't modify my list often.


As I read, if I mark a list as Production List. 

I can make changes to it, even in Deployed mode.


What type of changes?

Properties, Subsets, Code?




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  • prabhu
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    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    I am giving you an example, how production and non production list impact in deployed Mode(Production Model)



    I have created 2 List (Production and Non Production) in Standard Mode enabled Model


    In Both the List I have created a Subset and a Property.




    I pushed those changes to Production Model( a Copy of Model is Created and Deployed Mode is Enabled)


    You can see

    1. In Non Production List both the list item and Structure(Properties and Subset) of a list is pushed.

    2. In Production List Only the Structure(Properties and Subset) of a list is pushed.                      






    Production Model (Deployed Mode)


    1. In Production List, You can add data and you can assign parent, code, subset and Property to it

    2. In Non Production List, you cannot add data (You have to make changes in Dev model and push to Prod Model).






    Sorna Raja Prabhu

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    Hi @Sravan_Kumar ,


    Production List,

    You can add new records in the list, change parent, change code, make changes in the properties and include/remove the records from the subset in the deployed model


    Not Production List.

    You cannot make any changes. If you want to make any change, apply the change in the Dev model and promote it to production,




    Vignesh M


  • Thanks @VIGNESH.M. for clearing my doubt.

    Just tell me, if I want to modify any Line Item in Production, is it possible?

    (Say, Blueprint:  Sum, Average).


  • Thanks @prabhu for the detail response with screenshot.

    This will benefit many new learners.

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar ,


    No, It's not possible to make changes(Line item/summary) in the production model. Apply the change in the DEV mode and sync it with PROD.


    ~Vignesh M