New Features

Hello Community,

Although we are waiting for official confirmation about the new features that were released last month I have compiled my list of features. Take a look and let me know if you have seen any which is not part of my list

Feature 1: Maximize the Card




Feature 2:  Worksheet Additional Insights Panel – Two more sub-features

  1. Hide card preview - it hides the card preview in the additional insights panel
  2. Set as open by default - When you open worksheet with this option enabled it displays primary as well as secondary grid on the worksheet instead of just primary grid        



Feature 3:  Send Notifications – Send customized notifications to indicate specific user actions with the notify action.This feature is available in WS & Board actions

Step I: Go to Configure Worksheet Actions button in Worksheets or Configure Actions in Boards


Step II: Create Notifications


Step III: Add Recipients & Publish the action


Feature 4: Gantt Charts


Feature 5: Column Headers Locked/Frozen upon Scrolling


Feature 6: Export the Users from Tenant Admin Console. You can see this option on top right screen while navigating to Access Controls -> Assignments