Current Period Change during ALM sync


I was syncing some changes from Prod to Dev and I realized the presence of some changes neither i did, nor did I find anyone else in history making it. Here is a screenshot from the comparison report:



This seemed like an inconsequential change so I moved it to prod, later realizing that this changed the current period for the model. I don't understand the meaning of the screenshot or why would current period change due to sync. 

Can someone help me with this?



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  • jasonblinn
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    In my test, I also made no changes to the time scale, and saw the exact same notes in my comparison




    I have tried this in two separate test models and gotten the same results both times, so I have to believe that it is going to display this as a change the first time every model is sync'd following the release this past weekend.


    I also ran a test to sync a second time, and did not get this listed as a change and it displayed as expected without this time change.




  • Hi Ankit,

    Looks like the labels for the time settings were changed. The quarter prefix and that half year prefix etc. When the label is changed, the change definitely shows up in history with the description "Change Time Scale"

    ALM syncs do not affect the current period in the deployed model. The current period is production data

    The 2 events are probably disconnected


  • Hi @ankit_cheeni 

    This is interesting, but it seems like this might be part of the enhancement that was released this past weekend that allowed you to change the labeling of time periods. It looks like it went from being blank to having a pre-defined letter in there. I just ran the same simulation on a test model and got the same exact results.



    Here is the information on the release.



  • @anirudh  That is my understanding as well that the changes shouldn't be connected. However, history report shows that this happened after I started syncing the changes and before I finished it which is peculiar since I can't make changes while syncing!



  • @jasonblinn this makes sense. I did not intentionally make any change to the time scale. Is it possible that Anaplan moved the changes by default?


  • Jason, did the current period change in the production model?

  • It did not. I made no changes made to the time scale in DEV or in PROD. 

  • @ankit_cheeni and @anirudh 

    Looks like the current period might change with sync following the 8/8 Release.



    I might have misspoke on my last point, but in my final test I did not have a current period set, so it did not change. Wanted to make sure to clear that up!



  • Thanks Jason!

    This is really good to know in advance

  • Hi Guys,
    seems that it is still an issue.

    The same on my side (affected about 10 models).

    This comes up after Aug 8th platform update and every time that you sync models with other, but only in the first run of sync. Every next sync go well. In the revision comparison you would see that there was a "Change Time Scale" and sometimes you would also see some notes about changes in Time Summary settings

  • Yes, confirmed
    I still see this issue occurring....