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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) enables clients to effectively manage the development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of applications in Anaplan. With ALM, changes can be introduced without disrupting business operations by securely and efficiently managing and updating your applications with governance across different environments, and quickly deploying changes to run more “what-if” scenarios in your planning cycles as you test and release development changes into production.



This series of videos discuss different aspects of ALM and includes demos performed in a live model.

Part 1 (8:00) click here

  • Benefits of ALM
  • Model modes of ALM (Standard & Deployed)
  • Structural vs Production Data
  • What is a production list?
  • What can and can't be changed in Deployed mode


Part 2 (11:30) click here

  • Revisions and Revision Tags
  • Compatible Models
  • Syncing between Development and Production
  • Model types: Single, Split Model, and Similar Model


Part 3 (11:48) click here

  • Set up - Development only
  • Set up - Production only
  • Set up - Existing Dev/Test/Prod
  • Set up - Simple
  • Set up - With Data Hub


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