Community Update: July 2020


Welcome to the inaugural Community Update—July edition. In this blog series, we're bringing you all the latest Community updates and a look at what's coming soon. We know you're busy, so enjoy this quick view of what's new and subscribe to get real-time updates!

Community Highlight


Anaplan Access for Independent Learners

Our free, 90-day trial of the Anaplan platform for independent learners is going strong! Learn more about the program in our recent Start Your 90-Day Trial with Anaplan Access blog post, and then visit the Anaplan Access program page to request your private workspace to use in your Certified Model Builder learning journey.

What's Fresh in the Community

You'll find an abundance of new articles and blogs published in June, as well as an exciting new live event called Anaplan Live! Spotlight. Here’s a list of the latest from our members:


Best Practices

Platform Updates


General News

  • All article labels in the Best Practices knowledge base have been updated and consolidated into refined categories.

Staying Connected in User Groups

Anaplan User Groups had a great month in June, with some very well-attended events! Take a look at how the events performed below, and then be sure to stop by the User Groups page to join one in your region and/or line of business.

There were 145 attendees in June 2020 for the events in the following groups: Tokyo; Southern California; UK and Ireland; Russia; Southern California; and New York.

Your Community Experience

  • We’ve updated our Videos page to include all videos found on the Community.

The Anaplan Community Platform

  • Improved workflow for Anaplan Helps, allowing Partners to now 100% manage the process of approving downloads for private apps.

What’s Next?

  • Get Ready to Level Up!
    New gamification updates are coming to the Community very soon! Keep an eye out for updates regarding new badges, challenges, leaderboards, and other ways to get your game on in the Anaplan Community.
  • Be Recognized
    Better categorization and filtering options are coming to the User Directory soon. Be sure to add yourself to the Available Talent space if you’re looking for new opportunities in the Anaplan ecosystem.
  • Anaplan Live! Spotlight: Effective Anaplan Demos
    Join Solutions Consulting Manager Jen ****, Sr. Solutions Consultant Yelena Keselman, and Centers of Excellence Leader Chris Weiss as they discuss effective Anaplan demos live on July 9 in the next Anaplan Live! Spotlight event.
  • More User Groups
    Register for upcoming User Groups coming in July, including Indonesia, Minneapolis, Hong Kong, and Tennessee.

Thanks for checking out the first Community Update! Let us know your thoughts below on the Community news, and tell us what else you’d like to see in future posts.



  • Thank you @KayneSchwarz for compiling this status. It really helps me make sure I didn't miss anything. Really looking forward to the new gamification ideas. Anxious to see what the team has in mind.

  • Misbah


    Awesome! Looking forward to the gamification concept. 

    One thing I would like to highlight is to keep the Monthly Release updates open for comments and let @VickiA answer the queries. The reason behind this is that In May month's release VickiA mentioned that one idea had been delivered in that particular month when it was not the reality or atleast I haven't seen it in NUX

    May 2020 Release Updates - Anaplan Community


  • Thanks, @JaredDolich!

    @Misbah, thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to connect with Vicki and the team behind the Platform Releases about this.

  • Yes - @Misbah and @JaredDolich - great feedback! Stay tuned for the badges announcement coming very soon (very, very soon!).