Community: Love Is in the Air!

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happy-valentines-day-and-flying-hearts-picture-id1201410159.jpgLove is in the air—and we absolutely LOVE our Anaplan Community! Anaplanners give their best every day, paving the road for everyone to drive Connected Planning to the far corners of their business. Today is a day set aside to recognize and celebrate relationships and all that they bring to our lives, both personally and professionally. As we take time today to pause, admire, and appreciate those around us, here are just a few things we appreciate about all of you:

First-Time Contributors: We cannot hide our enthusiasm for newbies! There's a value in variety that's almost immeasurable, and the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement from first-time contributors truly shines through in their work. Recently, Certified Master Anaplanners have really stepped up to share expertise by contributing to the Community Blog and Best Practices. We asked, and they answered. From new blog author @abreardchen, to Ask Me Anything host @frank_calderoni—and many more—a special thanks goes out to all first-time contributors. 

Going the Extra Mile: Community forums are a great place to post your questions and get answers, but where do those answers come from? They come from all of you. And we know you're going the extra mile because the number of accepted solutions and kudos in recent months has exploded—doubling from just December 2019 to January 2020. Not to mention our very first Community member to reach 1,000 kudos: Congratulations to Certified Master Anaplanner and Community Boss, @DavidSmith!

Shining Stars: Community Bosses are the stars of Community, demonstrating their expertise in driving knowledge sharing. This active and engaged group of 25 bosses continually add value by adding new topics, providing solutions, and sharing thought leadership. For all that you do for your Community, we thank you. 

Creative Collaboration: We love the lively discussions taking place every day. From Best Practices to forums, and blog comments to Anaplan Live!—this Community shows up to collaborate and bring their A(naplan)-game. Multiple perspectives and creative solutions prevail in various sections of Community, all with a common goal of advancing Connected Planning.  

Ideas and Innovation: The response to new and improved Anaplan training has been phenomenal. And the New UX continues to evolve and expand through your input. And let's not forgot all the ideas coming our way in the Idea Exchange. Community feedback and insight is pivotal in bringing you the best content, learning, and user experience overall. Keep it coming! 

We know Anaplanners are a busy bunch, but today we invite you to take a few moments to share the love with those that support you in your daily Connected Planning activities. Is there someone you want to recognize in the Community? Share your ‘love note’ in the comments below.

Certified Master Anaplanner

Love to all my fellow Anaplanners!  Special shout out to those community bosses and Master Anaplanners who do so much to help spread knowledge and best practices.  Thank you all for your many contributions and constant inspiration!  Keep spreading the gospel according to PLANS!

@DavidSmith @rob_marshall @alexpavel @Matthew_Kuo @JaredDolich @Misbah @andrewtye @obriegr 

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Thank you @HollyRieke for this awesome post.

My shout out is to everyone on the Community site too. Selfishly, there is no possible way I could have obtained the best-practice knowledge without the help of this terrific group of people. Hat's off to you @HollyRieke  and @emilydunn! The Community Site is a lot of fun. Also, special shout out to @DavidSmith for 1000 Kudos. As far as I'm concerned he's earned 10x that amount for all the best-practices he's published. And I think it's fair to say @rob_marshall is in that category too. @Tiffany.Rice thank you so much for the pat on the back! I think we all make a great team.

I seriously cannot wait until CPX to thank you all personally and to shake your hands!

Community Manager

@JaredDolich - you and every other member of the Community is why we do what we do - we love our Community members!!

Certified Master Anaplanner

Big thank you to all the Master Anaplanners I interact with on this board, even if you don't laugh at my corny jokes.

@Jared Dolich @usman.zia @andrewtye @Tiffany.Rice @Ameneh @Beauram (and anyone else I might have forgotten)

At work, I have to fill the role of Anaplan evangelist, which can sometimes can tiring and difficult.  I always know I can come back to this community to restore my energy and reaffirm my passion and commitment to this platform.

Also, big thanks to @ChrisMullen for putting up with my complaining and getting those L2 training updates in so fast.

Certified Master Anaplanner

@Matthew_Kuo some of your jokes do have some pop to them! I wouldn't get too buttered up over them though. I always enjoy sitting back and watching what you have to present.
@Tiffany.Rice thank you so much for the shout out!
@rob_marshall has always been a big help, and does such a good job at dissecting specific issues that I raise with him, and finding me a good suggestion/solution.

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Big Shout out to @DavidSmith @rob_marshall @usman.zia @JaredDolich @Tiffany.Rice @ArunManickam. @kavinkumar Special thanks to @rob_marshall for helping in every possible way. And How can I forget  @emilydunn we have received special goodies from you on being Community boss 🙂 You have been instrumental in redesigning the community page- we got new signatures for community bosses @HollyRieke Thanks for encouraging us to channelize our efforts us in the right direction.

@JaredDolich You are a complete retail industry and yeah thanks for encouraging everyone on the community and you boosting the morale of your community members.

Amazing community. Much Love.

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Love should always be shared and it always is on the community! 

Thanks for the mentions it is very touching! 

I want to say thanks to you all!

The community exists because of the passion and determination to help others that you all bring! 

Last year was amazing and this year will be even better!

Love goes out to:

The community that provide us with the platform to share and innovate @emilydunn @KayneSchwarz @AaronW @Stan @holmm  and  the team!

The community bosses  @JaredDolich @Misbah @DavidSmith @rob_marshall @kavinkumar @alexpavel and the others!

The master anaplanners and team @Ameneh @Beauram @Matthew_Kuo @obriegr @andrewtye @ChrisWeiss and others! 

I hope you all have the best year and many successes!

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


@Misbah and I informally started a new Community Level - It's the "Professor" level. 

Professor @Misbah and I appoint you as head professor, which I guess makes you the Dean!

Anxious to meet up with you soon - I want to hear all about your new pursuit.

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Hahaha it's funny that you say that @JaredDolich I'm actually really keen to support on the university connect program and go teach Anaplan so could be a professor! 

The new role is keeping me very busy so hence a lesser presence then I would like on community recently.

Lets definitely organise a call it would be good to catch up, in fact we could arrange a community boss catch up? good idea?

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


That would be a dream come true! 

Dean Usman! Dean Usman!

Please, please, tell us what you end up doing with University Connect. I'm trying to do the same here in NYC but haven't really gotten much feedback on how to get involved or how to initiate a program. Also, I really don't know anyone at any of the hundreds of colleges and universities here so I need some guidance.

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


If you contact @Beauram I believe she can support, with your retail experience I'm sure you could come up with some interesting lecture topics and show use cases.

Having a connection in a faculty definitely makes it easier but sometimes just looking on the university website and finding the right person to contact can make it happen too. In Dubai it is much harder and is going to take some networking but the business schools here would really benefit! If I know anyone at NYC I will let you know for sure!


Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Love is in the air. Just celebrated my Birthday with Anaplan as a theme - Just don't call me crazy 😛

Loved every bit of it - and oh yeah cake was yum.. Here are some of the pics. Please take it on a light note.


@JaredDolich @HollyRieke @emilydunn @rob_marshall  Let me know how you find it.



Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


That is absolutely brilliant! Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Anaplanners I know.

No one deserves that Anaplan swag as much as you. You make that shirt and coffee mug look great.

Whoever made that cake should be made a Community Boss, too!

Mizzy? Is that your nickname?

Oh, as a birthday gift, I kudoed one of your posts last night, that should put you over 500 (You were at 497). Did you get the new philosopher badge?

You're one of 4 people of all time to get it! Congratulations @Misbah!!!!

p.s. how did you embed pictures into your comment? I don't have that option - you see? that's another benefit of being the Philospher!!!

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


Thank you so much for all your wishes & your birthday gift. Miz is my nickname and oh yeah thanks for helping me cross 500 mark, you too are about to hit that mark.

It wasn't allowing me to paste pictures here so took the snapshot of my picture and then pasted it here - picture of a picture.😛



Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


Hahahaha! I figured it out! Nice. Got images to show up!

So here's your badge!! Way to go!!


So, I'm in San Francisco this week working with Intuit, an Anaplan client. And when I heard the news that it was your birthday and you had earned the "in high regard" badge I couldn't help but break out in dance in my hotel room! My wife and kids, who know your story, are back in the NYC area and they celebrated your awesomeness early! The best part of being in San Francisco, besides working for such a terrific client, is that I finally get to meet David Smith tomorrow! @Mishbah, I'll be bringing your spirit with me! Congratulations again!


Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


happy Birthday, hoping to get you another present 😉


i will see you tomorrow as well, looking forward to it

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

@rob_marshall, what a day tomorrow will be!

and, yes, yes, yes, lets get @Misbah that "other" present. Long overdue!

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Just adding, if you guys are professors, what does that make me! 

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss


Well, let's put that through our Community Boss Distinction point system - we love points at Anaplan!

And we want to be fair, efficient, and sensitive to best practices so we'll build it in Anaplan using DISCO and PLANS.

User Story: As a master anaplanner I want to know what David Smith is. I'll know it's right if he gets the distinction of Anaplan God.

Oh, what do you know? Here the result. I guess we passed the UAT and success criteria!


Community Manager

@Misbah - I love how you celebrate birthdays!

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

@JaredDolich For me @DavidSmith is a Magician along with Anaplan Supremo


@rob_marshall Thank you for everything. 



Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Thank you both - Let's hope I can turn my magic to some of the new developments I want to deliver for you all

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Thanks for sharing the love everyone! 

Happy Birthday @Misbah I hope you had the best day! The cake is impressive for sure! 

Its my birthday today today too!

Best of luck in san fran @JaredDolich and @DavidSmith 

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Happy Birthday Dear @usman.zia


@DavidSmith undoubtedly we are eagerly waiting for that magic to happen

@emilydunn  Thanks a ton 

@JaredDolich  Good luck Professor