L3 Spring 1 4.7 Numbers match but method correct?



I have managed to match my numbers to '4.7 Check your build' but not sure if my method is correct? Since we have been told not to share formulas, I would like to ask if my approach is correct without mentioning any possible answer?


My Sales Planning model - SYS03 module
P2 Product is derived using FINDITEM

Product Flat is derived using import from 'A2 Account>Product#' where I just update the Product Flat.


List A2 Account>Product#

My Display name is Text format. Here I see there are conflicting views about using Text vs P2 Product format. If I use P2 Product format, the FINDITEM in SYS03 will not work.


DAT02 PY Revenue to CY module

I had to make use of 3 lookups. For the product lookup I used Product Flat, Am I ok to use this instead of P2 Product?


  • @Harajiku112    Please do not use the forums to solicit help.  This is specifically called out in the guidelines at the start of level 3.