Automate Model management


As a workspace administrator, i need to be able to automate models managements tasks including :

- copy / archive models

- create copies of models for testing / uat purposes

- archive models

- deleting unused testing models


Ideally these would be available through the alm api endpoint to allow different tasks to be orchestrated programmatically (for instance upon deploying a revision : 

1) copy archive the production model

2) set model in maintenance mode (offline)

3) deploy revision to production model

4) set model back online)


This is needed because All these require manual intervention and the more models are in place, the more time it requires with the possibilty of some misses.

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  • hi David, I'm curious if you heard anything back on this? I'm trying to see if there is a way to delete a bunch of models via api or anaplan connect.

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