Model Archives : Automation & Tenant administration


Hello !

It would be great to have automatic quick-wins regarding Model Archive Management !

ALM & Archives :

When we need to move a large number of developments (or time management switch) into production, we always try to do a "Copy & Archive" first.

However, this task is manual and potentially error-prone. It would be interesting to include it as a possibility directly in the ALM.

Clearing & Managing Bulk Archives :

In our Tenant, we have a lot of model created for Training purposes or Archives un-archived for comparaison purposes.

Those models are sometimes let deployed. It would be great to be able to manage thoses models automatically.

On the administration console :
Behind able to see every model with a "Last User Activity date" and behind able to filter on those.

It would also great to actions that can be done in the model settings directly into the administration console (time saving)


Automation with API / Cloudworks :

I believe it would be helpful to have a call on API sector to enable us to switch a model states- or "Copy & Archive".

Moreover, It would be great if it could take arguments other than Model ID & Workspace ID.
Ex : I want to archive all model on my Training Workspace with no user activity over the last 15 weeks)

Allowing us to have this type of API call would allow us to more easily manage our tenant.

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