Hub Comes to You London - Videos and Presentations


Hi All,


Today I have been told that the videos from HUB are now available on the Anaplan Webesite here.


We also have been given permission to share the slides from any of the presentations so please drop a list of any you want to see here and we will upload them. A couple of people have already listed their favourites so I will look these out now.





  • @Alessio_Pagliano Here are the Designing for Performance slides.


    Unfortunatelly we are not able to share any product roadmap slides online due to confidentiality so if there is a particular area that you would like to get more info on then please reach out to your business partner or on the User Group and we can arrange something else.



  • @laurence,

    Thanks. I'm assuming that the workflow sessions won't be available ?

    Anything else you could upload/share from the day, would be helpful. eg I missed the Aviva presentation!

  • Unfortunately workflow wont be available but we can try and arrange a demo for you. Do you know who your Business Partner is?


    Is this the Aviva deck you are after?




  • Hi, no problem. I'm already in touch with the BP and we will look at the workflow at some point soon.

    I'm keen to see the presentation that was delivered by Aviva and Profit&, if possible.


    Thanks 🙂

  • I attached the slides to my last post - it is on the right hand pannel.