Level 2 - Conclusion - Creating Codes for Attributes



I just finished the level 2 training - or at least I thought so when I passed the final exam and uploaded my model history. However, I didn't get any confirmation or anything stating that the level 2 course is completed, and I think this is because one of the progress-bars are not checked. The one that doesn't turn green is the "Creating Codes for Attributes". This is just watching a film without any actions, but despite having watched it several time, in different browsers, but box doesn't get checked.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Thanks a lot!



  • As Fredrick mentioned, am also facing the same situation. I have watched the video, but still the progress bar is in RED color. 

    Also uploaded my model history, but did not get any confirmation that level 2 is completed.



    Vignesh M

  • You will not get a notification but you can download your certificate 24 hours after you complete.  Please read the text on that conclusion page at the bottom. 

    Your Level 2 Certificate may take up to 24 hours to be available.  The system needs to verify completion of the other 3 exams.  Thank you for your patience. 

  • Hi @ChrisMullen 

    I don't have that text at the bottom om my "Conclusion"-page. See picture. 

    anaplan 1.PNG

    As far as I can tell, there is a Final Section that isn't available to me. And I know that at least 2 of my colleges have the same issue.



  • @fredrickstraube @VIGNESH.M 


    Looks like a setting was off.  Sorry for that confusion.  Can you take a look now to see if it is available?




  • HI @ChrisMullen ,


    Yes, Now I can see the text at the bottom. Thanks.


  • Works for me as well, thanks a lot!