Automated backup of models

Enhancement request: ability for customer to automatically schedule model backups. Very common issue where data is lost either from changing Prod List to Non-Prod or vice versa or developer

A changes formulas that effect Prod, etc. A one time setup preserves data and reduces reliance on humans to backup.


The lower the complexity the better. API and Anaplan Connect functionality as an option however the main audience is the Anaplan admin so it should be extremely user friendly.


Model Settings --> Select Model --> Set Archiving intervals (Calendar or every 2 weeks etc) --> Done


The Archive name will have a timestamp as prefix + Model Name. 

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  • Miran
    edited November 2022
  • Gwen.pryor
    edited November 2022
  • favivancos
    edited November 2022

    Any updates on this? 

    It's been very inconvenient do not have a way to schedule a Copy&Archive action in Anaplan. Clients always ask a daily backup...

    I understand we still have a few options like roll back history or run Copy&Archive manually, but it's still not the best option in a few cases.

    I hope we have it included on the next roadmap.

  • nicarter
    edited November 2022

    Agree, @Miran  can you please review the duplicate topics and consolidate? It looks like there are more than 80 people supporting this across separate topics.

  • Kyle204
    edited November 2022

    Agree, manually backing up daily is not a reasonable request for clients to complete

  • SuhasDesai
    edited November 2022

    We are also looking for solution like this.

  • kevin.murphy
    edited November 2022

    This would be a fantastic improvement! 

  • cparks
    edited November 2022

    This would be a great enhancement, is there any updates on when this could be done?

  • kevin.schultz
    edited November 2022

    Please prioritize this!

  • AliceR
    edited November 2022

    Any updates on this ? It is really needed!

  • As a side thought / suggestion : if model backup could be set as actions, we could setup cloudworks schedules to perform scheduled backups and/or integrate these into processes

  • Please provide this functionality either via internal actions that can be rolled into a process or via API functionality.

  • This is a much-awaited enhancement to the Anaplan system.

    We are also looking for a solution to this. I heard somewhere that with the help of RPA, we can achieve it.

    Any hint?

  • HAving these available as models actions that can be included in processes would be ace.

    Why : because then you can set up a cloudworks schedule and run automated backups without any it or added brittle tools.

    That and please include this into the apis endpoints.

  • Having a daily or weekly backup automated seems a logical step to ensure data integrity and security . Particuarly with ALM and the potential of data loss wtih errors on SYncing

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