is anaplan hosted in saudi arabia ?


hello I wanted to know if Anaplan is cloud is hosted in Saudi arabia ?

and also is Anaplan integrate easily with SAP S4 Hana ERP ? 


  • @rie1995 


    It is a cloud based platform meaning you can access it from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is procure a license and get started. But if you are new and want to learn there is a 90 day free trial program that you can leverage.

    Start Your 90-Day Trial with Anaplan Access - Anaplan Community


    You can integrate almost any system with Anaplan although you may need some interfaces to do that. But that's possible



  • Hi @rie1995 ,


    To my knowledge they currently have servers in the USA that serves the clients in the Americas and APAC, and servers in the Netherlands that serve the European clients.


    So if your client can't have the data being stored outside of it's home (presumably Saudi Arabia) that could be an issue. It's a question we receive regularly from our German clients, Anaplan is working on a collaboration with AWS to host specific models within Germany. Presumably a similar solution could be created for Saudi Arabia, given the assumption that a partner can be found to do the hostings.


    But it's something you best take up with the Anaplan-team to clearly specify the need.


    (Some of this info might be out of date as it's been a while since I've had the last update.)


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