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Team - Currently working on FP&A model and one of the tasks was to copy and archive the model. I was wondering what typical scenarios drive the need for copying and archiving the model on frequent basis. Per my understanding the only need is to have a space limitation. 

I will appreciate some practical examples.


  • @AvnishGoel 

    Great question. One that I ask myself a lot, so thank you for bringing this up.

    Some ideas:

    • Sometimes there are some regulatory requirements. While the data is no longer needed for planning, it might be needed for internal/external auditing.
    • As you mentioned, archiving is done to conserve space. 

    My question is whether there is a limit to how much you can archive. Doesn't appear to be one.

  • A couple of things that I have observed with "Copy and Archive" feature in Anaplan:


    1. If someone accidentally deletes a model, then you can always recover it from the archived model.

    2. If there are some data related issues, where some data was either wrongfully overwritten or deleted, instead of reversing the model to the previous state/process id (which may lead to multiple people having to re-do their work if a ton of activities took place after the deletion/overwriting of the data), you can always used the data from the archived model.


    We perform a daily backup by coping and archiving all the models, especially during the month end/period close timeframe.

  • @JaredDolich


    In my experience, I haven't seen a limit on how many or how much you can archive. As I mentioned in my previous comment, we archive our Models almost on a daily basis including Data Hub.


    However, that being said, one thing to keep in mind is that if your archived model# grows over 5000, then you might run into interface connectivity issues depending on what you are using with regards to integration.

  • @AashcaJ 

    This is why I love the Community Site. I learn something new every day. Thank you!

  • AmyX
    Hi Aashca,

    Do you copy and archive all models manually or via some automations?

    Thank you!
  • @AmyX Note that Anaplan does not have the capability to automate the Copy & Archive function.

  • AmyX
    Hi Ryan, yes I know. That's why I was wondering how Aashca does it.
  • @AmyX 


    Transactional APIs should be the way to go but as of today Anaplan Transactional APIs do not support this. Is it on the roadmap @chanaveer_k 




    Miz Logix

  • Hi @AmyX 


    My team used to copy and archive models manually. I am not sure if there is a way to run a python script that would automate this process.

  • AmyX
    Thank you, AashcaJ!
  • JimmyChan
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    Thank you for sharing information related to Model Archive!

    You mentioned that once number of Archived Models goes beyond 5000, there could be interface connectivity issues.

    I'm wondering what kind of specific issues a developer might run into?

    Will it affect users' workflow on Apps?

  • ujourney

    Is this still a roadmap item? If so could someone provide a link? Thank you!

  • Hello, I quote the comment above: Is this still a roadmap item? If so could someone provide a link? Thank you!