Resizing multiple columns simultaneously in New UX

Resizing multiple columns simultaneously in New UX

As a Page Builder, I would like to be able to resize multiple columns in a grid view when creating views on a Board or Worksheet.


This functionality should be made available when creating grid views from either custom or module views.


This feature is really helpful when needing to resize a large amount of columns in a grid view.  Currently, the workaround is to use a saved view with the column widths set via column settings.  This can, however, be a hit and miss process as the rendering of the column width in the NUX may not necessarily reflect the column sizing when displayed in the source module.  What I mean by this is that even though the data may display properly in a saved module view, it may not be display properly when published in NUX (e.g. column width may not be wide enough to display the entire text or number in a column).


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I am facing the same problem in the NUX. Dragging the column borders to resize a large amount of columns is very cumbersome and time consuming. Page builders should have the ability to drag column borders and have access to something like column settings (in the classic dashboard).

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Agree on this.

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Just a thought - but it may be good to indicate % width of screen (and not pxs like in classic dashboards)

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Agree - this would be helpful.

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Really Needed!


Agreed - Most of my worksheets have numbers such as -511,100,100.56. this is 15 characters long and always gets truncated on NUX pages making users dive for the export to excel option.