How to Reorder a List

Retail Anaplanners!

New functionality came out today 9/26/2020 that makes ordering lists much easier.

Release Notes:



A game changer for many use cases. I will show you an example plus a way to reorder a list subset. I'm sure many of you will have a more creative way to order the list subset so please share!

First you have to create a module that uses the list, and only the list, that  you want to reorder. Add a line item that contains the order you wat - can be text or general number. 


Create a Order List Action that uses that line item for that list. You cannot select a list subset. It must be a module that uses the complete list.



Run the action. Success!


For List Subsets I created a module that uses the list subset and added a Boolean line item set to TRUE.

In the module that uses the complete list I lookup the Boolean from the module using the subset list, as shown.







Create the Action using the Final Order to Use Line Item



The module using the list subset is now reordered.




Great, that was really needed.

Thanks for sharing easy explanation with screenshots! 

Really helpful, thanks for sharing. 

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