Community Says: Simplifying the Complex


Think back to the last time you encountered a technical challenge. Even if the solution you ultimately found was a simple one, the frustration you experienced in the moment was very real, as was the relief upon finding the answer to the problem. 

That's why there's almost no better feeling than when someone understands what you're going through and can offer a quick fix that works.

In today's edition of "Community Says," we get to spotlight an example of this very thing. Community user RalfdeGier recently posted a question in the Modeling forums that seems to have been causing some headache. His request concerned end users accidentally changing the labels on dashboard items and what could be done about it. 

Community user AntonMineev was able to provide a quick solution using Anaplan's roles and permissions systems and a link to Anapedia (our product documentation site), prompting a short but quotable response from RalfdeGier:

I didn't know that the answer was that simple!


We love this kind of interaction; providing simple answers to challenging problems is a win for everyone. Plus, it reinforces that even complex things can be simplified—one of the core ideas that led to the creation of Anaplan. 

Be sure to check out our forums to see what other conversations are happening and get involved. Post your questions, provide solutions for others, or both! Community Forums is a great place to get started. 

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