Batch printing, exporting, emailing of NUX dashboards and worksheets


As an Anaplan user, I would like to be able to print, export, or email Dashboards and/or Worksheets in the New UX based on a selection of list items relevant to the the Board/Worksheet.   This process should be able to be scheduled (e.g. daily, weekly, monthy at a set time) or run on-demand by the user.


The user should be able to select the items to be generated based on:

  1. manual selection of items; OR
  2. all items at a particular level(s) in a list hierarchy [e.g. Time (Summaries) or Time (Details) in the Time List]; OR 
  3. child items of selected parent items and/or levels, including the option to print/export/email the parent level item(s) together with the child items.

User should also have the ability to choose the naming convention for the files that need to be saved.  As an example, they should be able to enter a filename and a prefix of suffix to use (e.g. "FY20 P&L_" + [Cost Centre Code]) for each file to be generated and saved.


This functionality should also be available in the Anaplan Excel Add-in.


Use Case:

Certain companies require reports to be sent out to various non-Anaplan user and others have the need to store historical softcopies of monthly reports.  The above functionality will enable the users to either print, save, email reports through a batch process which can be scheduled or done on-demand.



  1. Enables Anaplan to replace any existing batch printing/saving/emailing process that a client may currently be doing via Excel macros and VBA code.  
  2. Streamlines the client's process for the distribution and archiving of regular reports without the need for non-Anaplan technology (e.g. Excel via macros) which is likely to be reliant on highly technical Excel/VBA/other resources.
  3. Provides a platform for non-Anaplan clients to have a phased approached when implementing the Anaplan solution whereby they can continue with their batch reporting process (using the new Anaplan batch reporting functionality described above) as a Phase 1 solution with a view to migrating their entire user-base to a more web-based reporting and planning interface which uses the current and more modern and integrated way of reporting and planning.  This will allow a quicker adoption of Anaplan in clients that need to be "eased-in" to the new way of planning and reporting.
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