Formatting of Rows and Columns in a grid view published in New UX

Formatting of Rows and Columns in a grid view published in New UX

As a user and/or model builder, I want to be able to format items displayed in the rows and columns of a grid view when publishing them in a board or worksheet in the New UX.  I also want to be able to save these formatted views for re-use (probably can use the "save card as template" functionality for this).  Formatting should be able to be applied to individual items in a list and/or line item or for selected level(s) of a line item or list item being used as the row or column of a grid view.


Formatting functionality should include the ability to select the alignment (left, centre, right) of rows and columns.  This would probably mean that any line item formatting (e.g. "style" column in Blueprint) will be overridden by this column/row formatting functionality.


This functionality is very useful as it allows the user/model builder to publish a grid view in the format that is most relevant for user base of the report(s).

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It would also be awesome if the formatting of rows and columns could be done using conditional formatting based on attributes of a list and/or value(s) of a column within the grid view being formatted.

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