New UX: Restrict Editing on Field Cards

New UX: Restrict Editing on Field Cards

Can't find this as an existing idea!


It appears that Field cards are always editable. I find that Field cards sometime make more sense when added in a bunch (compared to KPIs) and also look better to show some System Mapping fields.


However, it is not ideal that the users are able to change these mappings. Can we have the ability to not edit Field cards (similar to DashGrids etc.)?


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I love fields to show some additional information, because they are quicker to build than KPI cards and look better than a grid. However, the current set-up requires line item twins that just reference the original editable line item to make them "non-editable". Horrible.

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Agreed - it would be nice to not have to create a "twin" field to make Field Cards non-editable.

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+1 please allow field cards to not be editable